Beth Skrabits

City View Elementary
3400 Knoll
Amarillo, TX 79118









BIG CHANGES are coming our City View Library!  We are officially ditching Dewey in our chapter books and genrefying!  According to a recent poll of 3rd and 4th graders here at City View less than 34% understand how our library system works and why it is structured like it is.  Today’s students are keyword searchers and in order to best serve them we are jumping in and embracing genrefication.

By the end of the school year there will be 9 different genre specific sections in our chapter books:  graphic novels, mysteries, scary, animals, fantasy and science fiction, humor, historical fiction, sports, and general fiction.

Our first shelf has been processed and color coded.  Once all of the books have been color coded by section we will reassign them to their new home in our card catalog system and make a separate shelving section for each genre.  Eventually there will be a set of shelves just for those yellow mysteries and so on.  Stay tuned for updates and swing by if you want to help out!  This is so exciting!