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City View PRIDE

City View PRIDE Expectations


We have adopted a systemic set of school-wide values that define our expectations for behavior in our school. You will see them posted throughout the school and your child will be learning them in various ways throughout the school year. City View Cardinals have a lot of PRIDE. Together, we want to build authentic relationships with students and their families and provide high levels of learning to create a safe, inclusive and supportive school culture where all kids learn and grow. The words represented in the acronym PRIDE are traits we value and emphasize in our school community. As City View Cardinals, students are expected to follow the PRIDE Expectations in all that they do. 

Be Prepared

Be Responsible

Have Integrity 

Be Dedicated

Strive for Excellence


School-Wide Incentives

Compliment Cards 

Every student at City View has a Compliment Card. Students receive compliments when they are “caught” following our City View Pride Expectations. Students will work throughout the school year to complete seven different color compliment cards. When students complete a compliment card, their name will be announced on the announcements and parents will be notified. When your child comes home with a completed compliment card, please praise them for exemplifying our City View Pride Expectations. A completed card means that your child was noticed by their teacher or another staff member ten times for showing their Cardinal Pride. Once a student has completed all seven of their Cardinal Compliment Cards, they will earn a special prize.  


Goal Getters

Students work diligently to strive towards their goals in the classroom. Teachers work with their students to set attainable academic, behavioral and personal goals. When students reach their goals, students are awarded a “Goal Getter Ticket.” Each month, one representative from each class is drawn to have a snack with the principals to celebrate students reaching their goals.

   Picture of Goal Getter Ticket